Walking Simulator A Month Club Volume 3: Peak Bleak Blues (and other moods) is out NOW!


The latest bundled release for the Walking Simulator A Month Club is now available for purchase!

Peak Bleak Blues (and other moods) contains 9 endless worlds to explore. There are no time limits, goals, points, win conditions, or invisible walls. Suggested playtime for each game is 15 minutes, or about 2 hours of total "gameplay", though of course you are more than welcome to spend those 2 hours exploring your favorite of the bunch!

Highlights include a take on Böcklin's Isle of the Dead, and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plan's 'landscape of thorns' meant to last 10,000 years.

They've been made over the course of the past year in the few hours a week I've been able to wrangle from work, commuting, and family/social obligations. Despite the lack of time, I feel this is my strongest and thematically resonant release yet, and I hope you enjoy your time walking in the worlds I've made.



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Hello ! Sorry but The Heat Sinks Without Us [Part 1]notwork for me , the map crashes after  the postal introduction ,  idk if is a particular problem of mine or is a bug  . 

Hello! Im having an issue with "a sense of pieces" im on a i7 7770 and GTX 1060 and i get major studering in the maze any way to fix this?

wait maybe its just the "world" rendering in for the first time i think

You are correct. There was a bug where the terrain wouldn't have any textures if I generated any of it beforehand, so everything  is generated at runtime when you first launch the game. If you wait a few seconds until its all there it should smooth out.  Apologies for the jank!

No problem thank you for being such a cool dev and caring about  your projects. Really love your work so far

Hey! Any chance of a soundtrack release on Bandcamp or the like? :)

Probably! I'll see what I can whip up.

awesome, thank you very much!!