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 [Y]our dreams trap you inside a seemingly endless version of that unreal landscape and the synth warbles on and you feel curiosity and unease but not quite fear? And you walk and you walk and you run and you run and you glide and leap and the landscape very slowly reveals anomalous objects like buildings that aren’t buildings and elevated highways that aren’t highways and incomprehensibly large crystals and citrine shards that glide through the sky like angular goldfish and it’s just you and the music and the landscape possibly forever and sometimes you move with such terrible speed that you fear you have become something terrible? 

                                        -Rock Paper Shotgun

Thank you to all my patreon supporters for making these games possible.


Explore distant planets and hidden planes in this bundle of infinite exploration games in two acts.



WSAD: move
Mouse: look
Shift: run
Space: jump
Escape: quit (act one), pause (act two)

xbox 360 controller (windows only)
left stick: move
right stick: look
left trigger: run
A button: jump
Start button: quit (act one), pause (act two)


ACT ONE (planes) should run on most machines.  

ACT TWO (planets) requires a dedicated graphics card.

There are multiple games in the zip file, so it won't auto-install using the itch.io app.

Enjoy :)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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