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In far future of the 55th octillionth millennium there is only Walking

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Encased in hibernation-tombs strewn across the void after the heat death of the universe, the Walking Simulator A Month Club provides passengers convenient access to locations and landscapes from eons past to remember how beautiful reality once was.

• Over a dozen open-world locations to explore, ranging from 5km2 to 900km2

• Lush soundscape to accompany otherworldly locales

• No invisible walls or safety features, please watch your step

• Travel in style 

• No extrinsic rewards cues like points or objectives or win states

Moods of loneliness, lost majesty, and more than a little malevolence... I heartily endorse this.
-Rock Paper Shotgun

They're less videogames and more video sculptures

Connor Sherlock is a master moodbuilder, and his collection of worlds leverages the most basic elements — color, space, scale, sound — to completely possess you.
-Tevis Thompson

Made possible over two years by the supporters of the Walking Simulator A Month Club Patreon. Sign up for season two to receive an endless walking simulator delivered to your inbox every month.

Header image by Elizabeth Simins.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Walking Simulator A Monch Club Vol. 1 [win] 3 GB
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