Leftfield 2020 is cancelled so might as well let this be online

This Is Not A Place Of Honour is based on conceptual works designed to signify nuclear waste dumping grounds to people 10000 years in the future with no shared language or culture. I was going to shows this at Leftfield 2020,  and cast a small forest of concrete spikes to litter the booth table with at Rezzed. However, as it's been cancelled I figure I might as well make it publicly playable instead.


This Is Not A Place Of Honour win 193 MB
May 27, 2019
This Is Not A Place Of Honour mac 220 MB
May 27, 2019

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I've been frascinated by WIPP and all its connected concepts, was neat to run accross this in the wild! :D

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Thank you, Connor! Sorry that you were not able to present this as intended or make use of your spiky creativity at the booth, though looking forward to experiencing it and appreciate you sharing the piece with everyone.